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Eyelash Enhancement Columbus

Long, dark eyelashes can open your eyes, make you look more dramatic and more youthful. Many of our patients find that as they age, their lashes get thinner and more sparse. We are pleased to offer two solutions to help create the lush lashes you’ve been seeking.


For years, our patients have been growing longer, thicker and darker eyelashes with Latisse. Latisse was the first FDA approved prescription for hypotrichosis – having inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

Latisse comes in two sizes – 3 oz and 5 oz. Each kit comes with brushes and a bottle of Latisse in a dropper that looks like eyedrops. To apply Latisse, simply put one drop of Latisse on an applicator and brush it across the top lash line, the same way you would apply eyeliner to the top lid.

Latisse works from the inside, so you’ll begin to see gradual changes in length, thickness and darkness.

  • At week 4, you may start to see longer lashes
  • At week 8, you may start to see fuller and darker lashes
  • At week 16, you should have your full, dramatic results

Between 8 and 16 weeks, you’ll see the effects of Latisse – and so will others.


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