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Breast Reduction Photos - Case #2175

Patient Case #2175

As a 46-year old with a physically demanding job, this woman from Southeast Ohio found it necessary to elect Breast Reduction surgery to ease her neck, shoulder, and back pain. This woman had suffered with these ailments for years. Trips to the chiropractor, special support garments, even prescribed narcotics were unable to ease this patient’s pain.

After being referred by her family physician, this patient met with Dr. Lichten for a consultation. During this appointment Dr. Lichten listened to this woman’s concerns and expectations and agreed that she was a good candidate for Breast Reduction.

At her surgery, Dr. Lichten was able to reshape and reposition the remaining breast tissue to better fit her frame.  At the same time she had lifting of the breast tissue and nipple to a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

This patient experienced full relief from all symptoms she had endured related to this condition prior to choosing Central Ohio Plastic Surgey for her medical needs. She was very pleased with her result and was able to return to full activity within 4 weeks of surgery.

Surgeon: Jason B. Lichten, MD
Patient Age: 46
Patient Gender: Female
Chest Measure Before: 40 inches
Chest Measure After: 40 inches
Cup Size Before: DD
Cup Size After: C
Tissue Removed Left: 786 grams
Tissue Removed Right: 924 grams

Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction


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