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Facials Columbus

Facials can help to relax you and prepare your skin for a special event or jump start your everyday routine.

We offer customized facials from SkinMedica, ZO and Environ, so we can create a facial experience based on your individual needs. Each facial is a relaxing 60 minute treatment designed to maximize your skin’s potential.

Because of Central Ohio Plastic Surgery’s commitment to education, our aesthetician, will also review your current skin care regimen with you and make suggestions so that you can continue to get great results that last long after you walk out the doors to our spa.

Some of our most popular facials include:

Hydrating Facial – this SkinMedica facial will hydrate dull and tired skin. Relax and enjoy the experience while our aesthetician brings back the youthful glow you’ve been missing. Hydrating facials are perfect all year round because they can rejuvenate skin that is dry from the cold winter wind, as well as refresh skin that has had just a little too much time in the summer sun.

Deep Cleansing Facial – in this 60 minute facial, our aesthetician will target the special needs of the delicate skin on your face. She will perform a deep cleanse of the pores to and outer layers of the skin to clear out dirt and oil that is hiding below the surface. Our aesthetician can perform also extractions during this facial, if necessary.

Runner’s Relief Facial – has the dry air, winter weather and windburn been especially harsh on your skin? Get relief with our special facial for runners – or really anyone whose skin is super dry. You get an enzyme peel, steam treatment, dermaplane and a hydrating mask. Dry, flaky skin will once again be smooth, soft and hydrated.

Our patients will often combine facials with a dermaplane, Botox ® Cosmetic and Juvéderm.


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