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Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery

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If the connective tissue underneath the palm of the hand thickens, it can cause the fingers to curl in. When this happens, it creates a contracture and a flexion deformity, which literally prevents the person from uncurling their fingers. Dupuytren’s Contracture can interfere with normal daily function, making it difficult to so something as simple as reaching into one’s pocket to get car keys.

Historically, Columbus Dupuytren’s patients only had one option – surgery. In this procedure, Dr. Lichten will release the contracture and remove the diseased fascia. This is performed as an outpatient procedure under either general anesthesia or sedation.

Now, patients have another option. Dr. Lichten was one of the first doctors in the country to perform injections with Xiaflex ®, a medication that can be injected into the affected areas with local anesthesia. Xiaflex breaks up the thickened fascia without surgery. The injections and contracture release are performed in the office over the course of two days. Dr. Lichten’s patients have had very good results with Xiaflex and have been very happy with the procedure.


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