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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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It may not be the first benefit that people think about upon hearing the words “plastic surgery,” but reconstructive plastic surgery plays a large role in helping patients restore the structure and function of any part of the body. It can make a major difference in the lives of those with injuries, birth defects, or diseases like cancer.

Reconstructive plastic surgery uses surgical techniques that repair deformities at birth. It can also bring back the appearance of the body parts affected by accidents. Additionally, it is highly beneficial for people with skin cancer and breast cancer as well.

At Central Ohio Plastic Surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery is performed for breast-cancer patients after mastectomy, for patients with hand-related issues, for patients in need of scar revision, and for skin-cancer patients after removal of a lesion.

Breast Cancer

After mastectomy surgery, breast-cancer patients can undergo reconstructive plastic surgery to restore the appearance of the breasts. The procedure mainly involves rebuilding the breasts and restoring the nipples and areolae as naturally as possible. Dr. Lichten will work together with your breast surgeon and oncologist to achieve optimal results.

Hand Surgery

Our hands are prone to diseases due to the amount of work they perform every day. Depending on your job, medical conditions like carpal tunnel disease or ganglion cysts can develop. Issues like Dupuytren’s contracture can develop as a result of genetics.

While these diseases are not harmful to your overall health, they can interfere with your everyday life. Daily activities like reaching for items or even driving are more difficult due to the uncontrollable motion caused by carpal tunnel disease. The same applies to Dupuytren’s contracture, where fingers cannot straighten completely. Ganglion cysts can become uncomfortable when wearing watches, bracelets, or anything related to the hand.

Thankfully, these diseases can be corrected through reconstructive plastic surgery. Book your consultation to get the best assessment and treatment plan.

Scar Revision

Scars can be a source of anxiety. If your scars are bothering you, scar revision surgery is an option to help improve their appearance. Scar revision is performed at Central Ohio Plastic Surgery through silicone gel technology, laser treatments, or surgery. During the consultation, Dr. Lichten will assess the size and appearance of your scars to create a surgical plan that matches your skin.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can be removed through Mohs surgery. This incredibly effective procedure involves removing layers of cancerous tissue until cancer cells are completely removed. Because it leaves a gap in the skin, post-Mohs reconstruction surgery is necessary for repairing the appearance of the skin.

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For more information on reconstructive plastic surgery in Columbus, contact Central Ohio Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation. Our medical professionals will guide you from preparation to procedure through the recovery process.


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