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Torn Earlobe Repair

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We frequently get phone calls from patients with pierced ears, where the piercing has stretched or torn all the way through. In addition, we get calls from people who have had gauge piercing and are now wanting to either join the military or simply look more professional. Typically, in both cases, Dr. Lichten can repair the lobes in the office with a fairly simple procedure done with local anesthetic.

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Will my stretched earlobes return to normal size on their own?

If you stop wearing earrings or gauges, the hole may shrink a bit, but it is unlikely it will heal all the way on its own. After a month or two, the lobe is likely as healed as it is going to be. Surgery is the best option for a full closure.

How much does ear lobe repair cost?

A torn earlobe is generally $500 for the first ear and an additional $350 for the second ear. Gauge repair starts at $1400, depending on the degree of correction needed.

My earlobe isn’t torn, but my earrings are drooping. Can you fix that?

I have been successful treating drooping earlobes with Juvéderm or Restylane, which are typically used as facial fillers. A small amount of either product will restore volume to the earlobe, plumping it up and providing more support for earrings.

Will my insurance cover earlobe repair surgery?

Although each plan is different, it has been our experience that insurance will usually cover a repair from a traumatic event, but does not cover the cost of repairing an earlobe from a cosmetic piercing. We have also not gotten approval from an insurance company to cover the cost of closing an earlobe stretched for ear gauges.

What does the procedure involve?

I will have to remove the skin at the edges of the piercing or gague to recreate a fresh surface. I then re-arrange the tissue and bring it back together using sutures that dissolve on their own.

Can I get my ears re-pierced after?

Yes, you can have your ears re-pierced in about 3 months.


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