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Chemical Peels for Skin Rejuvenation

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Chemical Peels

Over time, our skin experiences damage from sun exposure, pollution, dry weather, and other factors. If you are noticing that your skin does not look as fresh and vibrant as it once did, a cosmetic resurfacing procedure can create a healthier glow. Chemical Peels can also combat the effects of sunburn, windburn and help to reduce acne and other breakouts.They are a wonderful way to rejuvenate or freshen up your face for a special event.

For skin resurfacing, we perform chemical peels, an office-based procedure in which a mild acid is applied to the skin to create a controlled peeling of the outer layer of the skin. This is an excellent option to smooth rough, dry, or sun-damaged skin, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, help control acne, or correct skin discoloration and blemishes.

We offer peels at all price points and varying degrees of intensity, which allows you to select the right peel for your lifestyle, budget and skin needs.

Chemical peels can enhance and prolong the effects of skin care products and non-surgical procedures like Botox, Restylane and Juvéderm and Voluma. Chemical peels can be also combined with surgeries, including face lift, brow lift, neck lift and many other procedures. Talk with Dr. Lichten if you are interested in more extensive facial rejuvenation.

“Dr. Lichten’s staff is amazing. Always put me at ease. I am extremely glad I made the trip to Dr. Lichten even when there were surgeons much closer to my home – very worth it!”

– Chemical Peels Patient Testimonial
*Individual results may vary.

Chemical Peels and Products by Circadia

If you want brighter, fresher skin or relief from the symptoms of acne, a chemical peel may be the solution. We offer the full line of chemical peels from Circadia developed by the extensive research of world renowned physician, Peter T. Pugliese, MD. Circadia harnesses the power of the body and skin’s natural Circadian rhythms, defending them from damage during daylight hours and promoting repair at night.

Circadia is derived from pure botanicals, second generation vitamins, stem cell technology and peptides to create an optimal regimen for skin health and beauty.


The hydrating peel is designed to simultaneously perform a gentle exfoliation while hydrating and brightening your face leaving fresh, hydrated luminous skin. This formulation uses an advanced AHA complex, which requires no downtime, with little to no physical peeling, and can be combined with several other aesthetic services. It is ideal for aging, dry and pigmented patients, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.


Vitamin A Accelerator is a multifunctional treatment booster designed to accelerate physical peeling from the inside out without creating damage to the skin. This product is suitable for all skin types- aging, dry, fine lines, brightening of post-inflammatory pigmentation, photo damaged- and is used in conjunction with many of our other facial treatments.


The DermaFrost peel infuses your skin with intelligent ingredients that stimulate new cellular growth, while repairing and rejuvenating your face- leaving you with a refreshed glow. Though beneficial for most skin types, this low to moderate downtime peel is ideal for rough, calloused skin, Acne vulgaris types I and II, aging skin, fine wrinkles, deep wrinkling and skin with loss of elasticity.


MandeliClear is a deeper peel that was specifically developed to treat pigmentation. This unique complex effectively lightens pigmentation caused by melasma, acne or sun damage. The MandeliClear combination of ingredients is paired with a Vitamin A Accelerator, which is designed to promote light to heavy physical peeling without damaging your skin. This truly one-of-a-kind peel can be repeated every 8-12 weeks and is custom tailored to your specific skin tolerance and downtime preferences.

We are excited to help restore your skin’s natural glow. Call (740) 653-5064 or (614) 862-8008 to schedule an appointment today.

“Hello! Krista Good Morning!
I just wanted to send you and the office a quick THANK YOU! For getting me in last night (my mistake)
I could not have had a more incredible experience getting the chemical peel done, it was quit entertaining LOL!
This morning at work I have had already 3 people ask what did I have done my skin/face looks incredible.
Thank you so much!”

DK – A Very Happy Customer Testimonial
*Individual results may vary.


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