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Thigh Lift & Thighplasty

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Similar to other plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures such as an arm lift and a tummy tuck, the thigh lift serves to tone sagging skin and flabby tissue following major weight loss. Thigh lifts help patients feel more comfortable in slim fitting pants and skirts, because it helps to create a smoother, more contoured figure.

Thigh Lift Patients

To be a good candidate for a thigh lift, you should be at a stable weight plateau for several months and be in good, general health. Thigh lift patients have extra skin on the upper leg that has been resistant to diet and exercise. If extra skin is preventing you from wearing leggings, skirts or other tight fitting pants, then a thigh lift might be the answer.

The Procedure

Dr. Lichten surgically removes skin and fat on the inside of the thigh, generally going from the groion down the inseam to the knee. Scars exist, but are generally well hidden down the inside of the leg. Scars will fade over time and most patients report that they are thrilled to trade off the scar for the skin and fat that used to bother them.

Thigh lifts are sometimes combined with liposuction, to remove stubborn areas of fat, to create a trimmer, shapelier leg.

Thigh lift patients typically experience about 2-3 days of pain, followed by 2-3 weeks slowly resuming normal activities. In 4-6 weeks, most patients are ready to resume regular activity.


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