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Butt Lift Columbus

After massive weight loss, many people discover that their backside is sagging and has lost volume. Many of these people opt for a buttock lift, or as it is more commonly known, a butt lift, to create a shapelier backside.

For people looking for a smaller degree of correction or who do not want to have surgery, the TriPollar Apollo can be a very good option.

Butt Lift Candidates

People who have lost weight, who are done having children and who notice changes in their body as they age make good candidates for a butt lift. In many cases there is extra fat or loose skin that are resistant to diet and exercise, which can be greatly improved with a butt lift.

The Procedure

There are two ways to perform a butt lift, depending upon whether your goal is rejuvenation or augmentation. The procedure can be any combination of (a) liposuction; (b) liposuction of fat from one area and re-injection in another to restore lost volume; (c) surgically removing loose skin. These procedures combine to create a tighter and firmer shape. Some people combine a butt lift with gluteal implants to help restore lost volume and create a contoured result. Butt lift is usually done as an outpatient procedure and is performed under general anesthesia.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift and how does it differ from a regular butt lift?

The goal of a Brazilian Butt Lift is to shape and tone the backside. More typically, this involves liposuction and fat grafting techniques, but Dr. Lichten can discuss with you your surgical and non-surgical options.


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