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Lip Enhancement & Lip Augmentation

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Lip enhancement has become incredibly popular in the past ten years. Whether you are looking for very full lips or just seeking to restore lost volume or correct “smokers’ lines” that can cause lipstick bleed, there is a solution for you at Central Ohio Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lichten now has more options for lip enhancement than ever before – from fillers to permanent implants. The background and training of doctors performing lip enhancement is critical. It is crucial for your doctor to understand facial proportions and harmony to ensure that you don’t wind up with duck or fish lips.

Injectable Fillers

The most common option for correcting lips is the use of a filler like Restylane Silk, Volbella or Juvéderm Ultra XC. All contain hyaluronic acid, which is a protein that the body produces naturally. They are thinner formulations, which allow Dr. Lichten greater flexibility and control over the result. You will be able to see your results instantly and give input to Dr. Lichten while he is performing the procedure to guide your outcome. The difference among the three options is the degree of fullness that you are seeking. It has been our experience that Volbella provides the most subtle result, Juvéderm Ultra the fullest lips and Restylane Silk somewhere in between.

Because Dr. Lichten is a board certified plastic surgeon, he has had extensive training in the structure of the face, the skin and the underlying muscles and tissues.

Dr. Lichten believes that “the key to rejuvenating the lips and the face in general is to maintain natural balance and proportions. Too often, inexperienced injectors will overfill the lips, in particular the top lip, leaving them out of proportion to the rest of the face. Most of my patients only need one syringe in the lips to achieve a rejuvenated look. Understanding the way we age and the changes in jaw structure and resorption of bone helps direct the right ways to rejuvenate the lips and face.”

Lip Implants

If you are a looking for a more permanent solution to fuller lips, a lip implant may be the right solution for you.

Dr. Lichten uses Perma Lip implants. The Perma Lip comes in a variety of different sizes and widths, so Dr. Lichten can pick the right size for each individual patient, giving a custom result. The implant is made of soft, solid silicone, so it can’t rupture or deflate and can be removed at any time.

Dr. Lichten performs lip implants in the office with local numbing medication. He makes several small incisions inside the corners of the mouth, which are hidden inside the mouth and then closed with dissolvable sutures. He recommends that his patients try injectable fillers before a permanent lip implant, because it gives a good idea of what you will look like and ensure you like the look of fuller lips on your face.

Lip Enhancement Before & Afters

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