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Breast Reduction Photos - Case #2266

Patient Case #2266

This 33-year-old female from Logan, Ohio had problems with back, neck and shoulder pain stemming from her large breasts.  She also had problems with moisture and rashes beneath her breasts and she stated that the size of her breasts interfered with certain physical activity.  Dr. Lichten recommended bilateral breast reduction at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio.

After her surgery, in which 1.4 lbs of breast tissue was removed from her left breast and 1.7 lbs from her right breast, she noted nearly full resolution of her preoperative complaints.  She was very happy with the size, shape and symmetry of her breasts.

Surgeon: Jason B. Lichten, MD
Patient Age: 33
Height: 5’6″
Weight Before: 210 lbs
Patient Gender: Female
Breast Incision Type: Inverted T
Chest Measure Before: 38 inches
Chest Measure After: 38 inches
Cup Size Before: DD
Cup Size After: D
Tissue Removed Left: 619 grams
Tissue Removed Right: 758 grams

Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction


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