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Hosting a Botox Party

We are delighted you have chosen to host a Botox party. Based on our experience, we have put together the following list of suggestions and guidelines to make the process easier and smoother.

How many people do I need?

As a general guideline, a successful party is one in which Dr. Lichten administers at least 15 areas of Botox. This can be one area on each of 15 patients or fewer people with multiple areas.

How do I make sure people come?

For a first time event, we strongly recommend that you have your guests prepay for the product they intend to get. It has been our experience that when people pre-pay, they are significantly less likely to cancel, which helps to ensure a successful party for you.

Can people get filler like Juvéderm or Restylane too?

Yes, Dr. Lichten can administer both Botox and filler at your event. Please let us know what your guests want, so we can make sure we bring the right products in sufficient quantity.

How do I schedule people?

If people are just getting Botox, you can schedule as many as six per hour. If they are also getting filler, then you should schedule four per hour.

When do I need my final guest list?

We need your final guest list 48 hours before the event. This will ensure that we have and bring enough product to give each person what they want.

I’m sending out an email with information about the event, do you need to see it first?

Yes, please. It is important that Rachel, our office manager, review any emails about the event before you send them.

My guests have questions, where can I direct them for information?

Your guests are welcome to call the office at (740) 653-5064 or (614) 862-8008. Our entire staff is very knowledgeable about all of the injectables we offer and are happy to answer your questions about the products or about our practice in general. After hours, our website, has a lot of good information.


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