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Volux Jaw Filler

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Juvederm Volux is an FDA-approved jaw filler designed specifically to provide non-surgical jawline contouring. This breakthrough in jaw sculpting improves the definition of the jawline without any need for surgery. With just a few simple injections of Volux, Lancaster patients can experience incredible results.

What Is Volux?

Over time, the jawline starts to sag and lose definition due to the natural aging process. Jowls and depressions form, creating an aged appearance.

These issues can be addressed with Volux. Volux is a chin and jaw filler in the Juvederm family of soft-tissue dermal fillers. It is composed of synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA). HA bonds with water molecules in the skin tissues to enhance the volume of the treatment area.

Volux is a very firm filler and is even more cohesive than Juvederm Voluma. This creates strong and lasting structure and lift to achieve a chiseled, rejuvenated jawline. Patients have seen proven results and experienced a high satisfaction rate thanks to this jawline filler.

Ideal Candidates for Volux

Ideal Volux candidates are patients who want to correct age signs like jowls and moderate to severe jawline sagging. If you’re looking for a way to achieve a more defined jawline without surgery, this injectable treatment may be the perfect solution.

Juvederm Volux is safe for patients over age 21. Patients who are allergic to other HA fillers, Gram-positive bacterial proteins, or lidocaine may not be ideal candidates for Volux.

The Consultation and the Central Ohio Plastic Surgery Difference

During a Volux jawline and chin filler consultation at Central Ohio Plastic Surgery, you will meet directly with Dr. Lichten. You will tell him about your aesthetic goals for this injectable treatment. He will go over your medical history, including allergies and current medications and supplements, and he will examine your jawline carefully.

When you get Volux and any other filler in our office, your injections will be performed by Dr. Lichten. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training in facial anatomy and has dedicated over two decades studying the process of aging.

Dr. Lichten will tell you more about the details of Volux treatment, such as the required preparation and aftercare directions. One of Dr. Lichten’s missions is to create educated patients, so questions are highly encouraged to ensure full understanding of the treatment process.

The Volux Treatment Session

A Volux jaw filler treatment session will be quick and very convenient. Since this filler contains lidocaine (a local anesthetic), the treatment is not painful. If you request it, a topical numbing cream may also be applied beforehand. In most cases, an ice pack is enough to numb the area before treatment.

Once the targeted areas are prepared, Volux injections are delivered. The product is deposited deep in the jawline and chin.

What Is Volux Aftercare Like?

The aftercare following a Volux treatment is very simple. Patients do not need any downtime or recovery time. To avoid exacerbating any minor redness, bruising, or swelling, it’s best to stay away from exercise, sun exposure, and alcohol for around 24 hours or more.

Patients notice instant improvement in the jawline and the jowls. Typically, results can be seen for twelve to eighteen months, since the filler has such a thick consistency.

The Cost of Volux

Volux’s cost is different from patient to patient based on the specific details of their treatment process. This jawline filler’s price may be impacted by factors like the amount of product used and the patient’s facial contouring goals.

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