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A Fun Tool – Enhance Your Photos Using SurgeryMorph!

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While there is no “crystal ball” when it comes to showing plastic surgery outcomes, SurgeryMorph puts web-based tools intended to approximate enhancements at your fingertips.

surgery-morph-toolWhile you will want to consult with Dr. Lichten to get an idea of realistic expectations, SurgeryMorph gives you a chance to try your hand at expressing your cosmetic desires.

Test your photos with Breast, Body, Face or Skin procedures.

When you have edited your photos to your liking, share them on Facebook, email the results to yourself or a friend, and even send your photos to Dr. Lichten! Remember, SurgeryMorph is for fun and exploration. To get an idea of realistic results, set up a consultation with Dr. Lichten today.

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I felt totally at ease. Everyone was so nice and friendly that it was as if I had known them for a while…Probably the nicest staff I’ve ever dealt with.

- Facial Rejuvenation Patient

*Individual results may vary