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Archive for June, 2014

Sculptra Aesthetic – FDA Approval Columbus

Sculptra Aesthetic Columbus

For those looking to augment their appearance, safety should be the top priority. When it comes to the safety and quality of medical products and procedures, FDA approval is one of the most important indicators. Because Sculptra Aesthetic, an injectable collagen stimulator, is FDA-approved, you know it’s worthy of your trust. Sculptra Aesthetic was approved […]

Male Reduction Mammaplasty – Lancaster Breast Tissue

Male Reduction Mammaplasty Lancaster

Male reduction mammaplasty is any type of surgery employed with the goal of reducing the enlarged male chest tissue that comes along with gynecomastia. There are several techniques plastic surgeons can use during this procedure. Glandular breast tissue is usually removed using breast-tissue excision. Fatty tissue, on the other hand, is taken out with a […]


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