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Augmentation Mastopexy – Columbus Breast Enhancement

Augmentation Mastopexy Columbus

The augmentation mastopexy, a combination of a breast lift and breast enhancement with implants, is perfect for sagging breasts that lack volume. If you’ve been looking for a way to make your breasts look larger and perkier, this may be the best option for you. For mothers, breastfeeding can negatively affect the volume, shape, and […]

Eye Lift – Lower Eyelid Surgery Columbus

Eye Lift Columbus

An eye lift is a popular procedure used to remove the signs of aging from the upper and/or lower eyelids. This surgery is particularly helpful for looking less fatigued and more alert in your daily life. To help make your lower eyelids look even and smooth instead of puffy, the fatty deposits within them must […]

Breast Lift with Implants – Breast Augmentation Lancaster

Breast Lift with Implants Lancaster

The enhancement provided by a breast lift may not be enough for a patient to reach her aesthetic goals. If you’re interested in getting perky, lifted breasts that also have a good deal of volume and shape, a breast lift with implants may be the perfect choice for you. With this breast enhancement procedure, you […]

Eyelid Surgery – Lancaster Eye Lift Procedure

Eyelid Surgery Lancaster

When you look in the mirror, are you noticing small wrinkles on your eyelids? How about loose, drooping eyelid skin? These appearance issues can cause a dip in one’s self-confidence. Eyelid surgery is available to make your eyelids look smooth, revitalized, and more youthful. Patients who have loose skin tissue and other aesthetic issues on […]

Eyelash Regrowth – Latisse Long Lashes Columbus

Eyelash Regrowth Columbus

Are you experiencing eyelash deficiencies as a result of the aging process? Missing lashes, shorter lashes, and pale lashes can all be embarrassing. It’s time to look into prescription Latisse, a medication that provides the eyelash regrowth you’ve been searching for. As with any medication, following directions when taking Latisse is extremely important. Sticking to […]

Forehead Lift – Columbus Brow Lift Procedure

Forehead Lift Columbus

Over the years, the skin becomes less elastic, causing sagging and drooping to occur. This can be embarrassing and in extreme cases can even obscure the vision. The forehead lift, also known as the brow lift, is a way to tighten this loose skin and to remove wrinkles from the brow and forehead. What should […]

Eyelash Rejuvenation – Lancaster Latisse

Eyelash Rejuvenation Lancaster

Finally, eyelash rejuvenation that works! If you want to revitalize those faded, thinning lashes permanently instead of dealing with fake lashes and mascara, Latisse medication is your best bet. Because Latisse must typically be applied on a nightly basis in order to provide effective eyelash rejuvenation, it’s best to find a convenient and memorable way […]

Sculptra Treatments – Care Directions Columbus

Sculptra Treatments Columbus

Looking for the right injectable for you? Try Sculptra! Sculptra treatments can rebuild collagen in the facial tissues, restoring volume in many areas and reducing wrinkles. In some cases, Sculptra treatments can cause the tissues in the targeted area to become mildly swollen, red, or bruised. To ensure that these issues last for as short […]

Male Breast Reduction Recovery – Columbus Post-Operative Care

Male Breast Reduction Recovery Columbus

Gynecomastia can be a heavy cross to bear, leading to embarrassment, self-consciousness, and body issues. To recontour one’s chest to a more masculine appearance, surgeons can perform male breast reduction surgery. Because the body’s tissues are altered, the patient must undergo a period of male breast reduction recovery. It’s not abnormal to experience swelling and […]

Latisse Treatments – Application Columbus

Latisse Treatments Columbus

Having eyelash issues? With Latisse treatments, the key to eyelash regrowth is right at your fingertips. How does one apply Latisse treatments? Sterile applicators are included with Latisse. Hold an applicator horizontally and add a single drop to the area near the tip. This can be applied to the upper eyelid, right above the lash […]


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