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Buttocks Lift – Gluteal Resculpting Columbus

Published on May 29, 2015
Buttocks Lift Columbus

A sagging buttocks can make a person feel self-conscious in a swimsuit. To rejuvenate and enhance the buttocks, consider coming in for a buttocks lift. When it comes to buttocks lift surgery, there are two options for incisions: the upper

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Augmentation Mastopexy Recovery – Lancaster Breasts

Published on May 15, 2015
Augmentation Mastopexy Recovery Lancaster

Augmentation mastopexy is an ideal method of providing total breast enhancement, lifting the breasts while giving them the extra volume you desire. Once the procedure is complete, augmentation mastopexy recovery will be necessary. After around one week of augmentation mastopexy

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Reduction Mammaplasty – Breast Reduction Columbus

Published on May 1, 2015
Reduction Mammaplasty Columbus

Reduction mammaplasty is a method of reducing the size of the breasts, which is ideal for those women dealing with excess breast tissue. Shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, poor posture, and rashes beneath the breasts are all physical problems

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I felt totally at ease. Everyone was so nice and friendly that it was as if I had known them for a while…Probably the nicest staff I’ve ever dealt with.

- Facial Rejuvenation Patient

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