Are you curious about brachioplasty recovery? If you’re getting an arm lift any time soon to trim away those “bat wings” that appear on the upper arms, learning about your healing process ahead of time will be extremely helpful.

Because brachioplasty involves the reshaping of the arm tissues, these tissues will be more delicate for a time after the procedure. While you’re experiencing brachioplasty recovery, any activities that could cause strain on the area, such as exercise, should not be engaged in. Normal, non-stressful activities can be resumed in around three weeks after the procedure.

After your short healing period, your bat-wing-free arms will be ready to show off! Excited? Then contact our office and set up an arm lift consultation! Dr. Jason Lichten, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can tell you more about the procedure and the steps necessary in brachioplasty recovery. Call or email today.