Your eyes are one of the most prominent features of your face, which is why the way your eyelids look can make or break your appearance. Sagging upper-eyelid skin can give your eyes a tired and aged look that detracts from the beauty of the rest of your appearance.

If you are bothered by sagging upper eyelids, the upper-eyelid lift procedure can provide you with the care you need to restore the vibrant and attractive appearance of your eyes. The procedure will remove the excess skin and fat from your upper eyelids. The underlying eyelid muscles will also be trimmed and tightened for long-lasting results.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Lichten will combine his immense precision with his eye for aesthetics to ensure that your results look beautiful and natural. If you want to rejuvenate the vibrant appearance of your upper eyelids, contact Central Ohio Plastic Surgery today to schedule a