Which type of brow lift is right for you? Only an experienced physician can help you decide. Before you consult a cosmetic surgeon, it’s best to educate yourself and find out exactly what your brow lift options are.

When getting a forehead lift, you’ll be able to choose between a coronal lift, a subcutaneous (or hairline) lift, and an endoscopic lift. The first two are often called traditional brow lifts, since they have been in use the longest. Endoscopic brow lifts are a more recent creation.

Coronal and endoscopic lifts result in a raised hairline. Depending on the patient’s features, this can be a beneficial change. Subcutaneous forehead lifts, on the other hand, avoid this effect entirely, and the appearance of a large forehead is not exacerbated. Because of this, the procedure is popular with patients who have receding hairlines.

Another difference between the three brow lift options is the size, location, and number of the incisions needed. While coronal and subcutaneous brow lifts begin with a larger incision stretching from ear to ear, endoscopic lifts are less invasive, involving several very small incisions. The smaller incision size leads to a faster recovery time.

When considering your brow lift options, remember that incisions can leave scars. The most obvious scar comes from a subcutaneous lift, because it’s before the hairline, not above it on the scalp. Patients with less hair or thinning hair often prefer endoscopic forehead lifts; the small scars are hidden in this type of hair. Patients with thicker hair often choose the coronal lift, since the single large scar on the scalp is camouflaged below the hair.

The greatest amount of accuracy comes from an endoscopic brow lift. This involves the use of a medical tool that features a camera and a light. With this tool, the surgeon can see close-up views of tissue on a monitor. However, this accuracy comes at a price; endoscopic lifts are the most expensive brow lift option.

Now that you’re aware of your brow lift options, it’s time to set up a consultation. If you want a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience, Dr. Jason Lichten is just the physician for you. Contact our Columbus or Lancaster offices today to get started.