If you’ve decided to get a butt lift with implants, you’re most likely excited about how great your butt will be looking. After your surgery, you’ll have a curvier, firmer rear end with more volume. It’s important to remember that a gluteal augmentation recovery period is necessary, and during this time, you must treat your rear end with care.

During your gluteal augmentation recovery period, you might have to wear a support garment. These are extremely helpful for making sure you don’t have to deal with too much swelling in the area.

Typically, it’s recommended that a patient wear this supportive garment for up to two weeks. In some cases, the degree of swelling is low enough that the patient can wear the garment for as little as three days.

In a couple months, your gluteal augmentation recovery period will be finished, and you’ll see the final version of your new, more beautiful buttocks – all thanks to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Lichten! Dr. Lichten has the experience needed to give you the buttocks you’ve been wanting, so contact us today to learn more!