There are multiple forms of skin cancer that can affect the body, the most common of which are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. There are also less common but more fatal forms of skin cancer, like melanoma, a condition that makes up less than one percent of skin cancer cases but is the leading cause of skin-cancer deaths.

If you notice a concerning spot, growth, or change in your skin, you should immediately have it evaluated. The early detection of skin cancer is incredibly beneficial when it comes to treatment. You should perform a full-body exam at least once a month. A simple 10-minute inspection of your body can be a life-saver.

If you have undergone surgery to remove skin cancer, you may be in need of skin reconstruction due to the impact the procedure has on the appearance of your skin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Lichten can restore you skin so you can live a happy and normal life after your recovery. Contact us to schedule a consultation