Sometimes all it takes is a small amount of fat accumulation to ruin your appearance. The jawline and chin area exemplifies this issue. You may have a strong and masculine jawline, but if there is any excess fat in that area, that jawline will quickly turn into a double chin.

Kybella can be used to sculpt a more masculine jawline. Injecting Kybella into the area under the chin permanently destroys the fat cells in that area. You will not see your full results right away, but over time, the fat will be absorbed by the body, allowing a more chiseled and handsome jawline and chin to be seen.

It is important to remember that you should receive your Kybella injections from a qualified and properly trained plastic surgeon. Dr. Jason Lichten has undergone rigorous training to become a board-certified plastic surgeon and has been properly trained to administer Kybella injections. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your treatment with Kybella.