Repairing a Torn Earlobe

Published on July 16, 2018

While it may not seem like it, earlobe tears are a fairly common issue. A lot of people who wear earrings may accidentally get snagged by something, which can cause significant damage to the earlobe. In some cases, the earlobe may be completely torn.

At Central Ohio Plastic Surgery, we offer earlobe-repair surgery. The procedure can be performed on dropping earlobes, partially torn earlobes, and earlobes that have been completely torn. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Lichten will use his expert skill to deliver results that look as natural as possible.

Contact Central Ohio Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation for your earlobe-repair procedure. Dr. Lichten can provide you with excellent care and with results that fully satisfy your aesthetic needs.

I felt totally at ease. Everyone was so nice and friendly that it was as if I had known them for a while…Probably the nicest staff I’ve ever dealt with.

- Facial Rejuvenation Patient

*Individual results may vary