The traditional butt lift is an excellent procedure for rejuvenating the shape of the butt and giving it a tighter appearance. However, in some cases, there may be a desire to add volume to the butt in order to produce a more curvaceous and appealing appearance. In these cases, the Brazilian butt lift is preferable to the traditional.

A Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the butt and refines the contours of the body in just one procedure. A Brazilian butt lift uses fat that has been harvested from another region of your body through liposuction to add volume to your butt. This fat transfer offers the benefit of rebalancing the body’s proportions by reducing the size of one area of the body and adding that volume to the butt.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Lichten possesses incredible surgical skill and produces excellent aesthetic results. Contact us to schedule an appointment if a Brazilian butt lift sounds like your ideal procedure.