Dr. Jason Lichten performs reconstructive surgery for breast cancer survivors. Passionate about finding a cure for a disease that has affected so many women, his practice has formed a fundraising team for the Race for the Cure on May 15.

Lancaster, Ohio (May 2010) – One Columbus area cosmetic surgery practice is proving its commitment to women’s health by putting together a team to help raise funds for breast cancer research. Dr. Jason Lichten, a board-certified plastic surgeon performing procedures including post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, has been appointed to the Medical Advisory Council for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Columbus, and will be participating in the fundraising race event on May 15 together with a team of his staff and patients.

“We assembled this team because we feel it’s crucial to get as many people involved in the fight against breast cancer, and that means pitching in and doing everything we can to help,” Dr. Lichten explains. “My staff and I are all passionate about helping people enjoy healthier and happier lives, but women with breast cancer need our help to make that hope a reality.”

Dr. Lichten says his reconstructive surgery patients are a strong motivator in his efforts. Because he performs a high number of post-mastectomy breast reconstructions along with other cosmetic procedures such as breast lift and breast augmentation for Columbus women, Dr. Lichten says he understands well the impact that breast cancer can have on women’s lives. The stories of his patients’ successes are a constant motivator to contribute to the effort to overcome the disease.

“Breast reconstruction can certainly transform a patient’s life, but at the same time, every patient is still personally and very dramatically changed by the experience of cancer,” Dr. Lichten says. “While it is truly an honor to be able to help so many women following a breast cancer diagnosis, I hope that someday we can get to a place where breast cancer is a thing of the past.”

As Medical Advisor to the foundation, Dr. Lichten will offer key input to aid in the organization’s efforts to educate women about breast cancer risk and assist breast cancer patients, survivors, and their families. As captain for his practice’s team, he will also raise needed funds to aid breast cancer research, and participate with thousands of others in the foundation’s Race for the Cure™ event in Columbus.

“This is a very important effort and I’m excited to see what we accomplish,” says Dr. Lichten. “I believe plastic surgeons in Columbus, Ohio have a unique obligation to patients’ wellbeing and safety, and in some cases that obligation extends even to women who are not our patients, because it’s still in our power to help change their lives.”

Patients interested in donating to the foundation or in joining Dr. Lichten’s team can learn how by calling the practice at 740-653-5064 (Lancaster office) or 614-862-8008 (Columbus office), or by speaking with his staff in person.

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