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Eyelash Rejuvenation – Lancaster Latisse

Published on September 19, 2014
Eyelash Rejuvenation Lancaster

Finally, eyelash rejuvenation that works! If you want to revitalize those faded, thinning lashes permanently instead of dealing with fake lashes and mascara, Latisse medication is your best bet. Because Latisse must typically be applied on a nightly basis in

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Sculptra Treatments – Care Directions Columbus

Published on September 5, 2014
Sculptra Treatments Columbus

Looking for the right injectable for you? Try Sculptra! Sculptra treatments can rebuild collagen in the facial tissues, restoring volume in many areas and reducing wrinkles. In some cases, Sculptra treatments can cause the tissues in the targeted area to

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I felt totally at ease. Everyone was so nice and friendly that it was as if I had known them for a while…Probably the nicest staff I’ve ever dealt with.

- Facial Rejuvenation Patient

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