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Archive for April, 2014

Laser Depilation – Hair Removal Lancaster

Banish unwanted hair with a procedure that’s more powerful – and gentler – than plucking and waxing: laser depilation! Hair removal will be quick, easy, and worry-free with this cutting-edge aesthetic procedure. In the weeks leading up to your laser depilation procedure, use sunscreen on the target areas and avoid heavy sun. By staying out […]

Brachioplasty Recovery – Arm Lift Columbus

Are you curious about brachioplasty recovery? If you’re getting an arm lift any time soon to trim away those “bat wings” that appear on the upper arms, learning about your healing process ahead of time will be extremely helpful. Because brachioplasty involves the reshaping of the arm tissues, these tissues will be more delicate for […]

Gluteal Augmentation Recovery – Lancaster Buttock Implants

If you’ve decided to get a butt lift with implants, you’re most likely excited about how great your butt will be looking. After your surgery, you’ll have a curvier, firmer rear end with more volume. It’s important to remember that a gluteal augmentation recovery period is necessary, and during this time, you must treat your […]


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