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Fraxel Repair Facial Resurfacing Photos - Case #2703

Patient Case #2703

As a professional, this 49-year old from Columbus is in the business of maintaining stasis and order. She applied these talents to her own appearance of the skin on her face.  This woman decided to take control of this situation and schedule a meeting with Dr. Lichten. Like many of the patients at Central Ohio Plastic Surgery wanting to shed a few years from their face, this patient prepared her skin with a chemical peel, skin care regimen, and hydration before following through with the Fraxel re:pair laser treatment.

She underwent Fraxel re:pair laser resurfacing of the skin of her face and eyelids while awake in the Lancaster office of Central Ohio Plastic Surgery.  After only a few days of healing she began to notice dramatic improvement in the texture and appearance of her skin.

“When did you have time for a facelift?” this patient was asked this by a colleague just eighteen days after her laser treatment. As one could imagine, she is very happy with her results. Who wouldn’t be after a comment such as that one?

Surgeon: Jason B. Lichten, MD
Patient Age: 49
Patient Gender: Female

Fraxel Repair Facial Resurfacing
Fraxel Repair Facial Resurfacing


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