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Online customer opinion sites are more popular than ever, giving us yet another reason to provide you with excellent service. These sites make it easy for you to share honest feedback about your experiences with Columbus Plastic Surgery.

The links below will take you to popular customer opinion sites that are completely outside of our control. We encourage you to take a few minutes and share your thoughts about our patient care and cosmetic services.

Your candid commentary on these independent sites will carry more weight than anything we might post on our own site. We appreciate you sharing your opinions about Columbus Plastic Surgery.

Google.comGoogle’s customer rating system allows you to assign us up to five stars for excellent service and write a short review. Just visit our Google Maps profile to share your opinion of the Lancaster office or the Columbus office by clicking on the “Write a Review” link below the name of our practice. Note that you’ll need a free Google account to write your review.

Yahoo! Local

Yahoo!You can write a review for a wide range of businesses and organizations in your community in Yahoo’s local listings, and that includes a review of your experience at our practice. Rate us on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and provide your written opinion as well. Note that you have to have or create a free Yahoo account to write and post a review of the Lancaster office.

Yelp.comA great place to share your opinion and read the opinions of others for everything local. You can review us using their 5 star rating system, and compose a short review of your experience with our practice. Click here to go directly to our Lancaster profile or click here to go directly to our Columbus profile and then click on “Write a Review” in the lower right corner of the profile. Note that you’ll need a free Yelp account to write your review.

Healthgrades.comSpecializing in educating consumers on the healthcare industry. You will be able to rate my practice by answering’s preset list of questions using a rating scale from excellent to poor and definitely not to definitely yes. Click here to go directly to my profile and then click “Share Your Opinions on This Physician”. Note you will have to agree to their terms and conditions and enter a valid email address to complete the survey.

Vitals.comA free doctor review site, allows you to “check up on your doctor” and rate a physician based on factors including ease of appointment, promptness, bedside manner, and follow-up. View the profile for our practice and click on “Rate This Doctor” to add your comments and feedback.

RateMDs.comThis site is a resource for people who want to find a good doctor, plain and simple. You can help others with their healthcare decisions by sharing your experience with us. Your opinion will help men and women decide whether our practice is right for them. Adding your comments is easy and should take only a few minutes.

Citysearch.comOne of the most widely used directories for local businesses across the country this site allows you to assign up to five stars and comment on your experience and level of service with us. Visit our Lancaster profile or our Columbus profile on Citysearch and write a review and then click on the “Write a Review” link in the upper right corner of the profile. Note that you’ll need a free Citysearch account to write your review.

InsiderPages.comSpecializing in local business reviews, Insider Pages uses a star rating system similar to Google. Give us 5 stars if you are happy with the care we provide, and then compose a short review to let others know what they can expect. Visit our Lancaster profile or our Columbus profile on InsiderPages and leave a comment on our review page.

Vimo.comThis site is dedicated to giving great information about different health plans and information about all types of doctors. Using their 5 star rating system you can submit a review to their preset questions as well as write a short comment. Click here to go directly to my profile page and click on the “Rate this doctor” link under the “Ratings” section. You can choose to include your name with the review or remain anonymous. Note you will need to provide a valid email address to complete a review.


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