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Category Archives: Liposuction

Liposuction Recovery – Lancaster Fat Reduction

Liposuction Recovery Lancaster

When you get liposuction surgery to reduce areas of your body in volume, you’ll enjoy permanent fat-reduction benefits. After the procedure, you’ll need to experience a period of liposuction recovery as your body heals. You should not return to your job for around one to two weeks after liposuction. If your job is very strenuous […]

Mommy Makeover Package – Tummy Tuck Lancaster

Mommy Makeover Package Lancaster

Your Mommy Makeover package will include several procedures to recontour and enhance your body after pregnancy. If desired, your Mommy Makeover will feature a tummy tuck procedure. The tummy tuck procedure is a perfect solution for mothers who are unhappy with their abdomens. Pregnancy expands the midsection, pushing apart and weakening the muscles of the […]

Mommy Makeover – Post-Pregnancy Procedures Columbus

Mommy Makeover Columbus

After pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, many women wish they could just have a full-body makeover. Now, this wish can be granted with the help of a Mommy Makeover! The Mommy Makeover is a combination procedure made up of several smaller procedures meant to restore and even enhance the face and body. The breast augmentation procedure, […]

Liposculpture – Lipoplasty Options Lancaster

Liposculpture Lancaster

As many people can attest, diet and exercise are not always enough to get you the body you desire. Sometimes, removing excess fat cells with liposculpture is the best way to recontour your body for a more ideal shape. With liposculpture, also known as liposuction, it’s possible to recontour a wide variety of regions of […]

Male Breast Reduction Recovery – Columbus Post-Operative Care

Male Breast Reduction Recovery Columbus

Gynecomastia can be a heavy cross to bear, leading to embarrassment, self-consciousness, and body issues. To recontour one’s chest to a more masculine appearance, surgeons can perform male breast reduction surgery. Because the body’s tissues are altered, the patient must undergo a period of male breast reduction recovery. It’s not abnormal to experience swelling and […]

Male Reduction Mammaplasty – Lancaster Breast Tissue

Male Reduction Mammaplasty Lancaster

Male reduction mammaplasty is any type of surgery employed with the goal of reducing the enlarged male chest tissue that comes along with gynecomastia. There are several techniques plastic surgeons can use during this procedure. Glandular breast tissue is usually removed using breast-tissue excision. Fatty tissue, on the other hand, is taken out with a […]

Arm Lift Recovery – Columbus Brachioplasty Healing

Arm Lift Recovery Columbus

It’s swimsuit season, and part of looking great on the beach is having toned, sexy arms. Excited to show off your recontoured arms after an arm lift procedure? If you follow your plastic surgeon’s arm lift recovery instructions, the beautiful results of your lift surgery may turn heads. After four to six weeks of arm […]

Gynecomastia Surgery – Body Issues Columbus

Gynecomastia Surgery Columbus

When you have gynecomastia, it’s normal to feel self-conscious. As a man, having overdeveloped breast tissue can be embarrassing and can lead to teasing, nicknames, and more. Males suffering from this condition may avoid baring their chests in public. Gynecomastia may also cause patients to experience physical pain. Thus, gynecomastia surgery is on the minds […]

Arm Lift – Brachioplasty Procedure Lancaster

Arm Lift Lancaster

It often feels impossible to get rid of loose upper arm skin. You can’t exercise it away, so what can you do with it? If you’ve asked yourself this, consider an arm lift. This procedure removes excess arm skin and makes the area look toned and beautiful. Arm lift surgery involves the creation of two […]

Brachioplasty Recovery – Arm Lift Columbus

Are you curious about brachioplasty recovery? If you’re getting an arm lift any time soon to trim away those “bat wings” that appear on the upper arms, learning about your healing process ahead of time will be extremely helpful. Because brachioplasty involves the reshaping of the arm tissues, these tissues will be more delicate for […]


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